Larry Badten

NMLS 281922 | Portland

C: 661.803.2050
O: 503.459.0589

Larry Badten is an Oregon native, alumni of UCLA Anderson School of Management, and U.S. Navy veteran.  He entered the real estate industry in 1997 as a Realtor, later obtaining the highest CA real estate license – Real Estate Broker. (Equivalent to OR Principal Broker).

With an interest in finance, Larry migrated to the mortgage side of the industry after a couple years. However, the initial experience as a Realtor gave Larry a particularly well-rounded understanding of residential real estate. It also has given him deep respect of the critical importance that lenders provide quality services to homebuyers and Realtors. He is absolutely dedicated to ensuring that every perspective homebuyer can qualify for a home loan and that his customers receive the best terms available. Challenging deals have always been a specialty. It is common for him to help people close deals after other lenders have failed.

As a mortgage loan originator, Larry operates both as a banker and broker for max flexibility, he has been branch manager for two large companies, and he has owned a mortgage brokerage. Well-versed in all types of residential mortgages, Larry has funded hundreds of millions of dollars of home loans, assisting hundreds of families become homeowners, real estate investors, and with refinances to improve their financial situations greatly. He is a creative lender with expertise in government loans (FHA, VA, USDA), conforming loans (Fannie Mae/Freddi Mac), jumbo loans, portfolio products, second mortgages, non-QM and specialty loans, private ‘hard-money’, down-payment assistance programs, and more.

Whatever your residential lending needs, Larry is ready to assist with one goal in mind – to make you a raving fan. To do this he will provide solid guidance in a clear, understandable manner to get you into the best possible situation with your home loan

team members

Kim Pepper

Senior Loan Processor

O: 503.546.1273
F: 503.567.2947

Larry Badten is licensed to originate mortgage loans in OR/CA.

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