We’re looking for exceptional talent to join our Summit Mortgage Corporation team. We are truly unique in that we handle the entire loan process in-house. This allows for employment across the mortgage loan job spectrum.

Interested in the following positions?

Mortgage Banker

Send your resume to support@go-summit.com.


Why Work With Summit Mortgage Corporation?


Competitive Compensation

We work hard to make sure our employees are taken care of and are generously compensated for all of the hard work they do.

Rewarding Benefits

We offer comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage for employees and their families.


We believe in giving our employees the opportunity to recharge in order to comfortably balance work and relaxation.

Good Eats

Look forward to catered lunches, food cart takeovers, and a stocked break room featuring retro video games.


Not just another job. Happy hours, inspiring coworkers, giving back to the community, Northwest pride, and plenty of perks.