UnZip The Zip-Code Visits the Gateway to the Gorge

  If you’ve ever traveled from Portland to the Columbia Gorge going east on I-84, chances are you’ve passed through 97060, better known as Troutdale or the ‘Gateway to the Gorge’. But, Troutdale is much more than a gateway. I … Continued

8 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in Portland

  Portland has one of the hottest real estate markets with home values rising to record heights. Navigating this complicated market can seem scary and overwhelming – especially to a first-time home buyer. But, it doesn’t have to be. Your … Continued

Things to Do This September in Oregon & Washington

  As we transition into the fall months, there’s still a little bit of warm weather left and plenty of fun things to do all around Oregon and Washington. We have a round-up of the best activities and events happening … Continued

The Outdoor Playground of the West

  After visiting Central Oregon to film another episode of UnZip The Zip-Code, I’ve been thinking about how to best answer the question, “What can you do in Bend, Oregon?” And I’ll answer that question with a question: “What can’t … Continued

The Best Beer is in Bend

  As we get ready to journey to Central Oregon this Friday on UnZip The Zip-Code, we thought we would give you the inside scoop on Bend’s biggest industry – breweries. Unsurprisingly, Bend has the most breweries per capita in … Continued