UnZipping Your Questions on AM Northwest

We're answering your mortgage questions on KATU's AM Northwest!

This Friday, we’re doing things a little differently on UnZip The Zip-Code. On our new segment, I’ll be in-studio on AM Northwest to talk about Summit Mortgage Corporation and answer your mortgage questions.

While out filming UnZip The Zip-Code in the communities we serve, we’ve heard a lot of different questions come up. Questions like: What are the interest rates today? What kind of loan program will I be able to qualify for? How much money do I need to make a down payment on a house?

These questions are great and it’s my job to pair you up with a mortgage banker at Summit Mortgage Corporation that can best help you achieve your homeownership goals. Every home loan scenario is unique and there are a variety of factors that go into making sure these questions are answered appropriately. Summit Mortgage Corporation wants to give the most accurate answers and educate home buyers on what goes into determining their particular rate or loan amount. I’ll be addressing these topics and more on future in-studio episodes of UnZip The Zip-Code.

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