UnZipping The Zip-Code in 97215 – Mt. Tabor

Thanks for watching the 97215 episode of UnZip The Zip-Code! Read on for more details about some of the places we visited in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood.

Bar of the Gods (BOG)

Bar of the Gods, better known as BOG, is a Mt. Tabor classic and Portland legend. Voted one of America’s Best Dive Bars, this place is has an old-school Portland vibe. BOG is known for their unique infused vodka flavors, patio, and great food. Not to mention, a great selection of pinball and Oregon lottery games, as well as Sunday night comedy shows.


Just next door to the Bar of the Gods is the fun and family-friendly arcade, Quarterworld. This retro arcade museum has something for everyone and includes an adult lounge with a full bar. You’ll find everything from classic pinball games to newer arcade games. Quarterworld has the largest Tesla coil on the West Coast. The coil, which plays music, uses lightning bolts to create musical notes. Tesla Coil shows are on Sundays and Tuesdays from 4-9 pm.

Mt. Tabor Park

One of Portland’s most famous and beloved city parks sits right on top of a volcanic cinder cone. The park was named after the Mt. Tabor of Israel. Mt. Tabor offers accessible picnic and play areas, sports facilities, dog areas, and plenty of walking trails. Each Wednesday, the city closes off access to park roads for pedestrian use only.

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