UnZip The Zip-Code: Stopping in Southwest Portland


This week we are in the diverse zip-code of 97201, where you can find everything from the grandiose Keller Auditorium to the highly regarded urban institution, Portland State University.

Our journey around this area of Southwest Portland first led us to the sole retail shop in the Portland Heights neighborhood, The Heights Shop at Vista Spring. Featuring a vast and eclectic collection of antiques, artwork, and more, The Heights Shop has an ever-changing selection of items. Every time you visit, it’s like walking into a different store.

Not just a popular retail and antiques destination, The Heights Shop also provides consignment and estate sale services. The shop recently handled the estate of esteemed Portland artist, Tom Hardy. Check out pieces still for sale in the store before they’re snatched up by art collectors. Hardy is known for his work in a diverse selection of mediums, like sculpture and abstract painting. You may have seen his sculptures around Portland (Hint: Next time you’re grabbing a pretzel at Lloyd Center, turn your eyes to the ceiling to see Flight of Birds).

Tucked away off of SW 19th and Jefferson is the iconic watering hole, Goose Hollow Inn. This Portland institution was opened in 1967 by former mayor Bud Clark of ‘Expose Yourself to Art’ fame. Clark is responsible for reconstituting the area name ‘Goose Hollow,’ which originated in 1890 when various neighborhood women argued over the ownership of the geese that were being raised near Tanner Creek.

Goose Hollow Inn is famous for its delicious reuben and roast beef sandwiches and was recognized by Budweiser for selling more beer per square foot than any other tavern in the nation. The inn is dedicated to “Quality Draft, Fine Food, Pleasant Music, and Stimulating Company.” It’s always well worth the trip – for visitors and Portland natives alike.

Portland carries the nickname of Bridgetown for a reason. Four out of 12 area bridges are located in the 97201 zip-code: Hawthorne, Marquam, Ross Island, and the new Tilikum Crossing bridge.

Construction on the new bridge was recently completed and officially opened in September of last year. The bridge, designed by TriMet, is the first major bridge in the country to only allow access to transit vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. The name, Tilikum Crossing or “the Bridge of the People”, comes from the Chinook language and means people, tribe or family. Tilikum Crossing was the first bridge to open in Portland since 1973.

Hawthorne Bridge, which joins Hawthorne Boulevard and Madison, is the oldest vertical-lift bridge in operation in the United States and oldest highway bridge in Portland. The Marquam Bridge, which underwent a seismic retro-fit in 1995, carries I-5 traffic across the Willamette to south of Downtown Portland. The Marquam is the busiest bridge in Oregon and carries over 135,900 vehicles per day.

The Ross Island Bridge is a cantilever truss that spans the Willamette River. This rare bridge form was designed by Gustav Lindenthal (designer of the Sellwood Bridge), and was named to honor pioneer Sherry Ross and for its proximity to Ross Island.

Standing on the Ross Island Bridge, I was able to see the city for miles. Just below me within the South Waterfront is Zidell Yards. Quite fitting as we will be there next week to celebrate Portland Pride Week with Portland Monthly’s FLARE 2016. This 33-acre riverfront property is the perfect place to host this epic waterfront dance party. Come support local LGBTQ organizations and have a lot of fun while you’re at it.

This year we will be sponsoring the first annual fashion show featuring local Portland designers. Look for me on the runway modeling designer, Wildfang! Founded over three years ago by two Nike veterans, Wildfang quickly became a movement in the fashion industry and has a worldwide following. We can wait to showcase the awesome tomboy stylings of this local company.

Want to sport the Wildfang look yourself? You can ENTER TO WIN a $100 gift card from Wildfang and Summit Mortgage Corporation starting JUNE 10th! Stay tuned for more raffle details.

Catch the new episode featuring 97201 this Friday, June 10th at 9am on KATU’s AM Northwest! The episode airs again at 6pm on MeTV. And, as always, you can watch all of our episodes here.


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