UnZip The Zip-Code in Beautiful Battle Ground


Driving to 98604 – Battle Ground this week was a relaxing trip. I drove past farmer’s fields: green, glorious, and full of life. After passing peaceful pastures, where horses and cattle grazed seemingly unconcerned at my presence, I stopped to observe the daisies full of bees and butterflies. Yes, you can do that here and not have to worry about a car behind you.

In the last 20 years, Battle Ground, like many other areas surrounding it, has seen sizable growth with a current population of 19,250. This city is located in the heart of Clark County and just a few miles off of I-5.


Mill Creek Pub

Our first stop was at the unofficial hub of Battle Ground, Mill Creek Pub. The winner of a slew of awards, including the 2016 Best of Clark County, Mill Creek Pub has unsurprisingly amazing food and everyone who walks through the door is welcome with open arms. 

Owner Russell Brent is on a mission to give back to the community and make his little corner of the world shine brighter. His progressive, loving spirit touches every part of the restaurant.

The pub has built partnerships with local farms and have developed recipes to highlight local ingredients. One of my favorites on the menu is Russell’s Burger, a mouth-watering burger blend of local ground beef, Brussels sprouts, roasted garlic, red pepper, bacon, and spices. Wow!

Russell is a great advocate for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative and has implemented the program into his kitchen. Mill Creek Pub was recognized by Clark County Public Health as a Healthy Neighborhood Restaurant. He understands that people will always want to order big hamburgers and French fries, but is helping to recreate the American diet to give access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food choices in his establishment.

Russell believes in giving back to his community and has been able to use Mill Creek Pub as a platform for change. The pub has raised over $240,000, which has gone back into the community. One of the many groups Russell is working to help is Connect Battle Ground. Made up of over 120 organizations in six different industries: (education, business, church, health, art, and government), Connect Battle Ground works as a community to respond to adolescent crises like suicide, drug, and alcohol abuse.


Lewisville Regional Park

After my rewarding stop at Mill Creek Pub, I met with one of my favorite senior mortgage bankers, Deb McElveny, at Lewisville Regional Park.

Deb’s roots run deep in Battle Ground – her family has lived here for five generations. She talked to me about her 100+ year-old family homestead and memories of her family owned dairy farm, Christensen’s Cherry Grove Dairy. They would sell their milk to Andersen Dairy, still located in the heart of Old Town Battle Ground.

I love Deb because she really walks the walk! Deb has been serving her community in various ways for over 50 years. She is a big supporter of the local youth sports, like the Pop Warner program, North County Wildcats (Go Wildcats!). She truly cares about every person when she works to help them achieve their financial goals. The way she sees it, she’s helping future homeowners become a part of her great community.

We talked about how Battle Ground is a great area for families to take advantage of the USDA home loan program. Battle Ground is still designated as a USDA home loan area. Deb has been able to help many families with this zero-down payment loan option.

Looking around the Lewisville Regional Park, I saw family reunions taking place, dogs playing, and people walking the trails. Clark County’s oldest park was developed by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. The park has 13 reservable shelters that can accommodate anywhere from 20-200 people.

I talked to a couple who walk the trails everyday as a means of recovery therapy from esophageal cancer. Another young family was here to let their two growing boys burn off some energy. There is a place for everyone here in Lewisville Regional Park.


It was truly a delight to kick back and experience the great outdoors in this neck of the woods. The sun was sinking lower as I reluctantly made my way back to the busy highway. Thanks for having me Battle Ground! I loved unzipping 98604.

Please drop me a line and let me know where you would like me to unzip next! Maybe you know a great hidden gem that deserves to be shared? Please drop me an email, text or give me a call.


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Learn more about Battle Ground:
City of Battle Ground / www.cityofbg.org
Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce / www.battlegroundchamber.org

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