UnZip The Zip-Code: Local Summer Favorites

Thanks for watching our local summer favorites episode of UnZip The Zip-Code! Read on for more details about the places we visited in 97202, 97206, and 97229.

97202 & 97206: Sellwood and Woodstock

Gino’s Restaurant & Bar: Portland natives, Marc and Debby Accuardi opened Gino’s Restaurant and Bar in 1996. It’s a great place for families and friends to enjoy quality food and wine. A unique feature of Gino’s is the oak wood bar, which is over a century old. Gino’s gets all their produce from local farms, including: Your Kitchen Garden and 47th Avenue Farm.

Oaks Park: Known as the “Coney Island of the Northwest” Oaks Amusement Park has been part of the Portland landscape for over 100 years. The park offers a variety of carnival-style rides and games, as well as a roller skating rink and miniature golf.

East Moreland Golf Course: The historic Eastmoreland Public Golf Course was founded in 1916 and is open to golfers of all abilities. It’s a great place to hit a bag of balls with a buddy, too.

Woodstock Park: This park is a 14-acre haven in the city. Check out the Park Place installation, a series of gathering places with benches to accommodate both adults and children, designed by Lloyd Hamrol.


97229: Northwest Portland

Skyline Restaurant: This classic Portland restaurant has always been about long standing traditions and familiar faces. Opened in 1935, it is one of Portland’s oldest family-friendly diners and has had at least three generations of patrons. Current owner, Michelle Nelson, started working here when she was just 16 and bought the restaurant in 1999.

Forest Park: Lining the back side of 97229, Forest Park stretches for over eight miles and is full of history. The park has Native American roots dating back 10,000 years. Western settlement lead brothers John Charles and Frederick Law Olmsted to propose plans for a park in the densely wooded hills in 1903. It took almost half a century, but the park was finally dedicated in 1948. The Forest Park Conservancy was formed and continues to advocate for protection and preservation of the Portland landmark. See the Forest Park Event Calendar and learn how you can be a part of this amazing city oasis.


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