UnZip The Zip-Code: Discover Downtown Vancouver

UnZip The Zip-Code: Discover Downtown Vancouver, Washington
For our final episode of the year, we headed back to 98660 to explore a few places in Downtown Vancouver. This vibrant area of Vancouver is a fun place to explore any time of the year. Downtown features a variety of unique shops, locally-owned restaurants, art galleries, and more. Be sure to check out the recently remodeled Kiggins Theatre and Esther Short Park, which holds more than 30 concerts and events during the summer.


Our first stop in Downtown Vancouver was Boomerang, located in the heart of downtown on Main Street. It’s hard to explain the energy you feel when you walk into this non-profit Generosity Shop and coffee house. It was truly electric and full of kind, caring, and genuinely friendly members of the community.

Operating much differently from your typical corner coffee shop, Boomerang is also an upscale donation and retail center. The Generosity Shop collects tax-deductible donations and resells the donated items to raise money for local worthy causes. Boomerang has given back over $70,000 to the community since 2015!

How about that coffee, though? Boomerang serves a local, fair trade, Peruvian blend of coffee from BJ’s Coffee Roasters – not to mention a variety of teas, smoothies, sandwiches and desserts.

The holiday season is a great time to give back. Boomerang encourages members of the community to get involved by donating items or financial gifts to the Generosity Shop, joining a Boomerang Volunteer Team, or spreading the word about their cause on social media.

Vancouver Community Library

The Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) is comprised of 16 libraries. We stopped at one of our favorites, the truly amazing Vancouver Community Library, in Downtown Vancouver. And, wow! The library is much more than a place for books and story time these days! Vancouver residents now have free access to 3D printing technology, gaming groups, a plethora of crafting classes, and chess club – all you need is your library card.

The library is an especially exciting place for children. The third floor is dedicated entirely to children and early learning development. The Early Learning Center provides a fun, informative atmosphere for kids to discover more about their environment, their accomplishments, and themselves. It’s a dynamic learning environment chocked full of books, computers, and kids! See a daily schedule of activities, like story time, on their website.

After visiting the third floor, you may find yourself searching for a little peace and quiet. Be sure to visit the Vancouver Room on the fifth floor. This reading room features a fireplace and great views of the Columbia River. No talking or cell phones allowed – what a relief!

Be sure to take advantage of all the great features of the Vancouver Community Library, which include:

  • Free wifi internet access
  • Computer labs, printers and copiers
Public meeting rooms
  • Thatcher’s Coffee
Friends of the Library Bookstore
  • Outdoor terrace


Thank you for visiting Downtown Vancouver with us! Don’t forget to tune in and watch the episode this Friday, December 16th from 9-10 am on AM Northwest. Enjoy the rest of your year!


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