How to Get a Great Mortgage Loan

  What qualifies you for the best interest rate? This is a multilayered question that doesn’t have just one simple answer. Qualifying for the best mortgage loan isn’t just a matter of comparison shopping. Qualifying for the best mortgage loan … Continued

FHA Loans Help Millennials With Homebuying by Miles D. Rusth

Millennials have been hit hard by the economy recently, and with banged up credit and modest savings, many millennials have a hard time picturing themselves as homeowners. While it might not be the right fit for everyone, home ownership can … Continued

Miles Rusth – 8 Rules for First Time Homebuyers

First time homebuyer rules outlined by Miles D. Rusth Buying a house can be an exciting process, a glimpse into your future life, and an opportunity to find a home to fall in love with and create memories. But without … Continued