Making Home Loans Painless & Paperless

Did you know that the average office employee uses around 10,000 pieces of paper per year? That’s the equivalent of an entire tree – a tree that could have been left in the forest to help filter pollution and carbon dioxide. That doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of pollutants emitted during the paper making process.

Here in the Northwest, we care about the environment and our trees. As a local mortgage lender, there is no better way that we can go green than by reducing the amount of paper we use during home loan transactions.

Summit Mortgage Corporation is proud to offer the following paperless solutions to our clients in order to help make loan transactions more efficient and reduce our environmental footprint.

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Online Applications
 You can apply for a home loan online with our secure online application. We provide full loan applications in English and Spanish. Apply at your convenience from your personal computer.

The DocuSign logo, Summit Mortgage Corporation utilizes DocuSign to reduce paper waste.

Capturing E-Signatures We use the powerful technology of DocuSign* to capture signatures for mortgage disclosures safely and securely. Not only does this greatly reduce paper waste, it streamlines the home loan process by allowing our clients to sign documents from their computers, tablets or smartphones. DocuSign employs strict security standards which ensure a high level of encryption, privacy, and compliance.

Icon of two file folders representing the transfer of digital files.

Uploading & Storing Mortgage Documents
 Clients can upload required documentation to their individual account without having to print out paperwork or use insecure mail or email services. We utilize ShareFile, which uses high-grade data encryption to keep your documents and personal information private and secure.

Icon of a mailed envelope.

Email Communication We keep you up-to-date on the process and progress of your home loan transaction via email. Our clients receive updated checklists, weekly status updates, and tutorials to help them stay informed. This reduces the amount of paper we send through the mail and makes information transfer much quicker.


Apply online or contact us today to begin the paperless home loan process.

*DocuSign is applicable for all conventional conforming loans. Learn more about conventional loans.


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