Debra McElveny Teams Up With Veteran Advocates

Debra McElveny Teams Up With Veteran Advocates
Senior Mortgage Banker, Debra McElveny, is an accredited member of The Veterans Advocacy and Benefits Association. One of Deb’s passions is helping our American heroes with home financing needs and providing our veterans with valuable resources, like The VABA.

The VABA, who recently relaunched a new website, is a community resource and advocacy ground for those who have served our country. No one deserves a helping hand like our veterans. The VABA is not just a place for information and relevant news – it’s an aggregate of resources aimed to assist the men and women who have served our nation. As veterans enter back into civilian life, The VABA acts as a rally point for veterans looking to reintegrate. The VABA works to connect business services and programs designed to aid veterans. They strive to provide a positive impact in the lives of those who have served.

To learn more about The VABA and how you can help our veterans, visit The VABA’s new website or Contact Deb to learn more about her involvement.

If you’re a veteran who has served in the U.S. military, Click Here to learn more about VA home loans or contact Deb to learn more about the home loan services we can offer to veterans. Deb’s team has over a decade of experience with VA home loans in Washington and Oregon, with a goal of empowering veterans and their families through home financing.


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Debra McElveny Teams Up With Veteran Advocates

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