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Relocation to a new city or state can be a challenging and stressful process – especially if you’re not familiar with the area. There are many benefits to moving to the Northwest region, but how do you obtain a home loan from out of state? If you are looking to purchase a new home in a different state, you may be surprised to find that the loan will not be as easy to obtain. But, don’t get discouraged too quickly. It’s likely that getting a mortgage for a new home is just going to take a little bit longer than the typical home loan process.

Use the following tips as a guide to the relocation process.


Tips for Relocating

  • Research your new home state. Do your research on potential neighborhoods and cities and the cost of homes in those areas.
  • Create a timeline for your move. Determine how often you’ll need to visit your new home state before you move and how long it will take you to sell your current home. Talk to a local real estate agent to help you come up with a realistic plan.
  • Get pre-qualified for a home loan. Mortgage lenders want to lend to home buyers with well-though-out plans. Telling a lender that you want to move to the Northwest because you favor the climate is likely going to result in a denied home loan application, raised down payment requirement or higher interest rate charge. Lenders want to lend to home buyers who are moving for financially viable reasons.
  • Find a great local buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agents are most often specialists in their respective locations. They look out for your best interests in order to help you find a home that works for you. Avoid working with a listing agent as they typically represent the seller and will be working in the seller’s best interests.
  • Know the closing process. Work with your mortgage lender to make sure you’re fully informed of all the details of the closing process. Make sure the home is inspected, paperwork is organized and final approval on the mortgage is obtained.


With the right tools and resources, you can find and move into your dream home in Oregon, Washington or California – and we can help! Contact us today for more information and we’ll get started moving you to your new home in the great Northwest.

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