Mortgage Myth: “All Mortgage Lenders Are the Same”

Mortgage Myth: “All Mortgage Lenders Are the Same”

Mortgage Myth: “All mortgage lenders offer the same programs and rates. I should get a loan with my bank because that will likely be most convenient.”

At Summit Mortgage Corporation, we’ll be the first to tell you that mortgage lenders are not all the same. There are many variables to consider when it comes to who will be providing your home financing.

In the not-so-distant past, most home buyers looked to their banks or credit unions to obtain a mortgage. And over time, as with most industries, many more options and choices emerged.

The fact of the matter is that not all mortgage lenders are created equally. Each lender has their own unique loan options and programs available and their own sets of guidelines. And, all lenders have their own range of rates and fees associated with their loan products.

We hope that you will choose Summit Mortgage Corporation for your home financing needs, but we understand that weighing your options is essential. Your home is likely the most significant purchase that you’ll make, so it’s always wise to shop around for a lender that will suit your unique needs and provide you with the best possible service. To learn more about shopping for a mortgage and how it can impact your credit score, Click Here.


What Makes Summit Mortgage Corporation Different?

As a direct lender and locally-owned business, we operate a bit differently from big lending institutions. Here’s what makes us different:

We’re Streamlined.
We handle the entire loan process in-house. We have experienced underwriters and closing teams just down the hall from where our mortgage bankers work. Our average underwriting turn time is only two business days, which means we’ll be able to help you close as quickly as possible.

We’ve Got Connections.
Summit Mortgage Corporation is connected to mortgage banking resources nationwide. We’re proud to offer you a wide range of loan products. Our mortgage bankers have a combined experience that spans decades and thousands of loan transactions. We are always looking to be knowledgeable and reliable resources for our clients.

We Have Some Great Clients.
Helping make our clients’ homeownership dreams come true is why we’re in business. To take a look at what some of our biggest fans have to say, Click Here.

We’re Local.
We’re focused on residential mortgage lending in our communities. Being a locally-owned business means that we’re able to adapt quickly to local market changes, while still providing the same wide range of resources as our larger competitors. We know what its like to live in these neighborhoods and what is most important to our neighbors.

Contact us today and get started on achieving your homeownership and financial goals. GIVE US A CALL TODAY!



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