New Deconstruction Requirements for Historic Portland Homes & Buildings

New Deconstruction Requirements for Historic Portland Homes & Buildings

New deconstruction requirements for the City of Portland went into effect on October 31, 2016. What does this mean for Portland-area homeowners? A special demolition permit is required if you plan to fully deconstruct a home or building that was built in 1916 or earlier. Deconstruction of a home or building is defined as the systematic disassembly of a structure, which maximizes the amount of material salvaged for reuse.

Homes or buildings built in 1916, or in the years prior, are now designated as historic resources. According to Portland Mayor Charlie Hales:

“Our goal is to preserve neighborhood character and affordability by discouraging demolitions. But when buildings must come down, that work should still serve the public good. Taking apart buildings in a way that allows for salvaging valuable materials for reuse benefits our community, economy, and environment. Our building stock is rich in quality materials that should find their way back into new building projects whenever possible. Deconstruction helps harvest these materials, and the Deconstruction Grant Program will serve as a tool to advance the practice, helping our city grow sustainably.”

Planning a demolition or deconstruction project? Check out these helpful resources:

  • Read the full text of the new Deconstruction of Buildings Law and more at:
  • See a list of Certified Deconstruction Contractors in the City of Portland at:
  • Discover what year your home or building was constructed at:
  • Find out if your building has been designated a historic resource by calling the Bureau of Development Service’s Planning & Zoning Hotline at: 503.823.7526

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