Summit Mortgage Support Staff

Summit Mortgage has an extended support staff that helps out along every step of the loan process. Your first contact will most likely be with one of our loan officers. After that your loan will move through processing, underwriting, docs and funding. This is the support staff that make this process work.

Andrew Lamont Summit MortgageAndrew Lamont
Assistant to Tim Paxton

Direct: 360.567.2322
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Bonnie Young
Marketing Director
Direct: 503.358.1309
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Brendan Fisher
Secondary Marketing

Direct: 503.459.0580
Cell: 503.329.0643
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Brooke Grierson
Production Coordinator

for Niles Home Loans
Direct: 503.416.4604
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Corri Abdul Summit MortgageCorri Abdul
Business Development
Office: 360.566.6890

Debbie Mattson
Direct: 360.433.0188
Fax: 360.433.0189
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Jackie Rodriguez Summit MortgageJackie Rodriguez

Direct: 503.416.5156
Fax: 503.416.5162
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Jason Brooks
Assistant to Miles Rusth
Direct: 503.546.0125
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Jeff-Jenne-Owner-Summit-MortgageJeff Jenne
NMLS ID-861106
Banking & Finance Head

Direct: 503.459.0581
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Jessi Maruch - Summit MortgageJessi Maruch
Production Coordinator

Direct: 503.459.0089

Summit-Mortgage-Jessica-BencomoJessica Bencomo
MLO 1163089
Licensed Transaction Coordinator (Kimberly Bean)
Direct: 503.416.5155
Fax: 503.336.1002

Jill Dell
Processing Assistant

Direct: 503.546.0124

Jill Martini Summit MortgageJill Martini MLO 1119107
Licensed Production Coordinator
Direct: 503.416.5161
Fax: 503.416.5162
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Jim Tucker Summit Mortgage PayrollJim Tucker
Direct: 503.459.0582
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Jonna Cyr Summit MortgageJonna Cyr
Direct: 503.546.1271

Kim Pepper - Summit MortgageKim Pepper
Direct: 503.546.1273
Fax: 360.567.2947

Laura SchumacherLaura Schumacher - Summit Mortgage
Portland: 503.223.6166

Liz Matter Summit MortgageLiz Matter

Direct: 503.416.5151
Liz’s Bio

Matthew Houck Summit MortgageMatthew Houck

Direct: 503.459.0095

Pam Slasor Summit MortgagePam Slasor

Direct: 360.433.0299

Rami Ballweber

Direct: 360.567.2330
Fax: 360.567.2331
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Shannon Byler
Direct: 360.567.2328
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Sherry Bradford Summit MortgageSherry Bradford
Office Administrator
Direct: 503.223.6166
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Stacy Benner Summit MortgageStacy Benner
Business Development

Vince Weiler - Summit MortgageVince Weiler
Secondary Operations
Direct: 503.459.0088