Summit Mortgage Loan Officers

Summit Mortgage loan officers provide excellent service and give you the respect you deserve. We understand what a big commitment you are making with the purchase of your new home or the refinancing of existing properties. In turn, we make a commitment to you: Let us coordinate your documents and communicate with key decision-makers during the process. We commit to a streamlined experience because we know your time is valuable. And because you don’t have time to waste, we promise to make the process as quick and stress-free as possible.

Please contact one of our loan officers to get started today or apply online now and select a loan officer from the automated drop down.

Amanda Niles

Direct: 503.546.1274
Cell: 503.810.4873
Amanda’s Bio
MLO-76919 / CA DBO 76919

Andy Wright
Direct: 360.566.6888
Fax: 360.566.6889
Cell: 360.903.0807
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Brian Haveman
Direct: 503.459.0583
Cell: 503.490.5137
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Chris Jordan
Direct: 503.459.0589
Cell: 503.970.1286
Chris’s Bio

Chris Zenner
Direct: 503.416.5163
Cell: 503.407.7900
Chris’s Bio

Corey Hoskins
Direct: 503.459.0579
Cell: 503.701.8073
Corey’s Bio

Debra McElveny
Direct: 360.566.6882
Fax: 360.566.6883
Cell: 360.907.0335
Debra’s Bio

Dewey Haney
Direct: 360.567.2326
Fax: 360.567.0776
Cell: 360.910.2195
Dewey’s Bio
MLO-118513 / CA DBO 118513

Jeff Naylor
Direct: 503.459.0586
Cell: 503.358.6551
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Joe Niles
Direct: 503.416.4603
Cell: 503.502.2955
Joe’s Bio

Kevin Schmidt
Direct: 503.459.0587
Cell: 503.705.5014
Kevin’s Bio
MLO-91450 / CA DBO 91450

Kimberly Bean
Direct: 503.459.0585
Cell: 503.201.4302
Kim’s Bio
MLO-55921 / CA DBO 55921

Lea Snyder
Direct: 503.546.1272
Cell: 503.577.3895
Lea’s Bio

Lloyd White, Jr.
Direct: 360.566.6884
Fax: 360.566.6885
Cell: 360.901.3210
Lloyd’s Bio
MLO-119465 / CA DBO 119465

Mike Matthews
Direct: 503.416.2781
Mike’s Bio

Michael Wright
Direct: 360.433.0300
Fax: 360.567.2331
Cell: 360.719.8750
Michael’s Bio

Miles Rusth
Direct: 503.546.1270
Cell: 503.702.2151
Miles’s Bio
MLO-84660 / CA DBO 84660

Osha_Summit-MortgageOsha Roller

Direct: 503.223.6166
Fax: 503.223.6192
Cell: 503.334.6421
Osha’s Bio

Robert Williams
Direct: 360.433.0190
Fax: 360.566.6891
Cell: 816.419.7852
Robert’s Bio

Ryan Stoker
Direct: 503.416.5155
Cell: 503.819.9712
Ryan’s Bio

Ryan Young
Direct: 503.416.5153
Cell: 503.757.6263
Ryan’s Bio
MLO-113296 / CA DBO 113296

Tim Paxton
Direct: 360.566.6896
Fax: 360.566.6895
Cell: 425.260.4959
Tim’s Bio

Tracy Brusseau
Direct: 360.566.6886
Fax: 360.566.6887
Cell: 360.910.1730
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