The Outdoor Playground of the West

  After visiting Central Oregon to film another episode of UnZip The Zip-Code, I’ve been thinking about how to best answer the question, “What can you do in Bend, Oregon?” And I’ll answer that question with a question: “What can’t … Continued

The Best Beer is in Bend

  As we get ready to journey to Central Oregon this Friday on UnZip The Zip-Code, we thought we would give you the inside scoop on Bend’s biggest industry – breweries. Unsurprisingly, Bend has the most breweries per capita in … Continued

How to Get a Great Mortgage Loan

  What qualifies you for the best interest rate? This is a multilayered question that doesn’t have just one simple answer. Qualifying for the best mortgage loan isn’t just a matter of comparison shopping. Qualifying for the best mortgage loan … Continued

UnZip The Zip-Code: 97210

This week, UnZip The Zip-Code hung out in 97210, in the Northwest District of Portland. Read more about this neighborhood on our blog, UnZip The Zip-Code in the Northwest Neighborhood. Be sure to watch KATU’s AM Northwest on Fridays from … Continued

UnZip The Zip-Code in the Northwest Neighborhood

  We’re back to UnZip The Zip-Code in 97210. This section of Northwest Portland has great things to offer and is home to many Portland landmarks such as Pittock Mansion, NW 23rd Ave, a good chunk of Forest Park…oh, and … Continued